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    Zogster Aug 26 '15, 9:21AM

    Kibry9001 May 15 '15, 6:36PM
  • i got Pegasus...almost maches me to a T

    ghuu May 9 '14, 8:28PM
  • I got pegasi. I honestly thought that I would be a unicorn but now that I've seen the pegasi answer, I can say it fits me pretty darn well.

    Flygon Pony Oct 10 '13, 11:45PM
  • I got pegasi :D

    OmegaWolf9 Jan 31 '13, 10:00AM
  • Earth Pony... i like the aswer, really that make feel better... thanks ^^

    Crazy4Test Jan 3 '13, 12:17AM
  • One question changed unicorn to pegasus. I learned that when I changed an answer I put in wrong.

    "What do you wear everyday"(or something along that was the question)


    Sneaks Sep 23 '12, 2:06PM
  • Unicorn Pony

    Description fits me, but I would rather be a pegasus to be honest ._. I would LOVE to soar through the clouds.

    Carri04 Jun 22 '12, 1:00AM
  • Pegasus Pony! ^_^
    Knew it! Just love to spread my wings and escape amongst the clouds... Sigh.

    AmiePegasus May 26 '12, 12:05PM
  • Who dares rate this below 10!?

    Ended up with Earth Pony. Bit of a surprise, but hey. Very well made quiz. If only it was longer.

    Invisifat Sep 26 '11, 6:38AM

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