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  • Which Fake Character Are You? (2018 Remake)
    Your Result: Walter Terrell 78%

    You are closely aligned with Walter Terrell, a seemingly innocent man with no real desire to do... Anything. He hasn't yet found his true calling, and every day seems to be a repeat of another. He hopes to find a break in his rather serious life so he can have a good, strong future.

    72% Daisy Adams
    55% Edwin Goodman
    48% Ray Sheils
    39% Madeline Nelson
    39% Kitty Stevens
    31% Tony Coleman
    20% Kendra Patterson

    Mused Jade
  • Ray Sheils 82%

    You are closely aligned with Ray Sheils, an aggressive guy that keeps to himself. Really, Ray wants nothing more than to make a friend and rid himself of his own attitude, but he has been raised to think that it is bad to rely on others. He lets his anger fester inside of him and refuses to let go.

  • I got Walter Terrell, hmm

    Nice quiz though! I liked that the answer choices weren't frustrating like most quizzes I'm used to taking.

  • I got madeline nelson . Quite nice quiz .

    jemah jempot
  • I got Walter Terrell, with Daisy Adams and Edwin Goodman close behind. Great quiz, great characters!


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