Which do you like a dragon or a unicorn

there are smart people but i am really smart and you maybe are too but i am smarter that everybody Double ha You are really smart but some aren't like you or me

are you a genius you are not Ha i am so you can just answer all of the answers wrong so you aren't a genius so you are just like me in all of the ways

Created by: Grace Houser

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What dragon did Harry Potter have in the goblet of fire
  2. How many dragon were in all of the harry potter series
  3. What color is unicorn's blood
  4. do you like cats
  5. Do unicorns esist
  6. whick do you like
  7. do you like to sing
  8. is pop great
  9. is pop great
  10. do you like cats and dogs
  11. ...

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Quiz topic: Which do I like a dragon or a unicorn