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  • i got demi lovato good i was hoping for her she is beautiful and she inspires kids who are being bullied to follow their dreams and try to ignore the bad name calling and the comments. BTW graceface she was depressed because at home her father was an achoholic who abused her,Dallas(her older sister),and her mom.at the very same time at school i bet the first day of school she was thinking finally im free from craziness for once but NO kids have to be such B**CHES and BULLY HER!!!!!!But now Demi should be like HAHA the suckers who bullied me in middle school im famous!!!!!NOW WHOS LAUGHING!!!!!!!

  • Your Result: Selena Gomez

    WOW! You and Selly could be practically twins! You share so much in common and Sel would be lucky to have a great friend just like you! You're very lucky to be compared to this mamacita! (; AHHH I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ!!!!

  • Omg so happy i'm MIley Cyrus O.O I think choosing "Anyone famous" Kinda didn't work out but i'm kinda like that!!

  • YEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I got Selena Gomez. I totally love her. OMG I'm sooooooo happy she is like my IDOL. BTW i have a quiz similar to this

    one its called: Which disney girl do you look like by Mary pleasee check it out pleaseee(i'm sort of desperate) but to be honest it kinda sucks but these ones do not suck: Does he feel the same way by mary, who said what on disney channel by mary. I have more but check these out first. PLEASE PLEASE I AM SERIOUSLY DESPERATE :-)

  • I hate yooooooou!I scanned your comments(if you havent you should)and you are a MURDER of quizzes!!!!!Oh,and I just reported you

  • Demi Lovato... are you saying im some depressed soul who needs to go to rehab????

  • I'm zendaya my favorite disney actress not cause

    she's black and I'm also is

  • Oh yeah i'm Chyna

    Sharon Lewis
  • Wow,Selena it's cool but Chyna is d bst

    Sharon Lewis

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