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  • Your Result: Belle

    You may at first judge people by their appearances, but eventually fall in love with the deep goodness inside of them. You are loyal to your loved ones and never hesitate to help out when someone you cherish is in peril. Your weakness is being too compassionate toward people, which sometimes gets you into trouble. Nevertheless, you are a beauty that everyone adores

    that's so weird, I literally watched Beauty and the Beast today... but I like Bella and thank you for the nice quiz :D

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Which Disney Princess Are You?
    Your Result: Rapunzel 90%

    All your life you have felt somewhat caged, either by a member of your family or your own fear of the unknown. You have a craving to learn more about yourself and will do just about anything to transform your dreams into realities.

    69% Belle
    68% Sleeping Beauty
    63% Ariel
    58% Jasmine
    55% Tiana
    30% Cinderella
    27% Snow White

  • Your Result: Tiana

    You are devoted to working for what you want, and often reject the help of others. You inevitably don't fit in with the popular group, but really don't care all that much. You dwell on long-term goals and do not rest until you achieve them. Loyal and kind to your few close friends, you have a joy that unknowingly draws people near to you.

    yea,wow. I have always thought of myself as ariel but im soooo much like Tiana! I only look like ariel

  • Ariel,I am very adventurous and thrill seeking alot along with being a sea and land lover. I am somewhat mischievous and mysterious but overall alright and fun. Cool quiz mate.

  • Bell? Seriously?

  • Rapunzel, Haha Rapunzel is actually my favorite disney princess! :D

  • i got jasmine but i think im more like tianna.. anyway nice quiz..10 stars


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