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  • Your Result: John Lennon 93%

    You got Johnny!!!:-) You seem to always get into some trouble even if you don't know how. You want nothing more than peace in the world and hate violence (well when you got older). You are the smart one in the band even though you sometimes don't like to show it.

  • Which Beatle are you?
    Your Result: Ringo Starr/ Richard Starcky 89%

    Yay!! You got Ringo!!! Ringo is the funny beatle! You always love to make people laugh!!!! You are often the life at the parties. You are the one that is always keeping your friends from breaking apart you hate to see them fight! You very kind and everyone loves to be around you!!!!!!

    52% Paul McCartney
    50% John Lennon
    19% George Harrison

    RINGO AND DRUMS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tho ugh John is good too.


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