Which adventure time character are you?

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So this quiz I've been meaning to do for a long long time but never finished it and finally it has happened my role playing time gets the best of me that's for sure buddy t no more tonight i have finished it!

I'm so freaking happy I finished it but any ways have fun with it and I know you guys will just love it. I can tell some of you guys knew I was going to make this one lol

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Do you watch adventure time
  2. Who is your favorite side character
  3. I realize this is asked a thousand times but what is the color of your eyes?
  4. Out of these songs from adventure time which is best
  5. how do people describe you
  6. Pick a face....
  7. Pick a number...
  8. Now this is a very rare question so take your time what color out of these do you like
  9. Which character do you like from ice kings fan fiction
  10. Who do you support

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Quiz topic: Which adventure time character am I?