When will you start your period?

Accurate First Period Test, guys! Take this test to find out when you will have your first period! Please take the test if you are a teenager, and good luck!

I hope you like my "When will you have your first period" quiz. It is pretty accurate. Thank you everyone! Bye. Should I make more tests??????????????

Created by: Nika

  1. Are you gaining weight?
  2. Are your boobs forming?
  3. Do you have mood swings?
  4. Do you have pimples or acne?
  5. Are you usually tired and/or lazy?
  6. Do you have cramps in your abdomen?
  7. Do you fart a lot (More than you used to?)
  8. Do you get diarrhea?
  9. Do you have armpit hair?
  10. Do you have discharge?

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Quiz topic: When will I start my period?