When Will I get my Period Quiz

There are many people with there periods but when will you get yours! find out in this Quiz as it will tell you your future! Just Kidding! Have fun with the rest of your life.

When will you get yours! I wonder, take this quiz so you can be prepared. So do amazing on the test, just kidding, answer honestly so you can know the truth.

Created by: Katy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I know there was already a question about this but... how old are you.
  2. Do you have discharge? (white or yellowish goey stuff in your under wear)
  3. How many years have your breast been growing?
  4. Have you been moody?
  5. have you been craving stuff
  6. have you had cramps below the belly button?
  7. what is your weight.
  8. Do you believe in Santa Random question(it doesn't count for your score)
  9. Are you hoping for a white Christmas (RANDOM QUESTION AGAIN DOES NOT COUNT)
  10. Final Question: Do you want your period? (This has nothing do to with your score)

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