When will i get my first period

this is my quiz to help you know when you'll have ur period so yeah plz take it, it will help me a lot and rate it as well. thanks!!!!!!!! ;) on (quick side note if u don't want ur period results may surprise u)

plz put your result in the comments this is a cool quiz or I hate it if u are waiting for ur period all I have to say is good luck or hope u survive to enjoy waiting coming

Created by: hello575757

  1. What's your age?
  2. what is your breast size?
  3. do you have hair in armpits
  4. whats your hair like down there weird question I know
  5. are you more hungry have mood swings sore breasts
  6. do you have discharge is it clear or white???
  7. you're a girl right just have to ask
  8. okay were almost finished so are you prepared?
  9. the last question won't have an effect on the quiz did u like it
  10. so i need ten questions sorry um so yeah do you like pickles

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