When's ur menarche? (First period)

Hi, everyone this is my quiz on girls puberty. A question almost ALL the girls ask is "when will I get my first period?" Well that question is about to be answered.

With the knowledge of gynaecologists , experts, doctors and book authors , I give you a quiz with many questions that ensures you it is at least 60% accurate. All I want is to help you girls, because I am going through what you all are now. Enjoy this quiz!

Created by: yummy29

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  1. First of all, how old are you?
  2. How much difference is there beetween the age that your mother got her first period and the age that you are now? Round to the closest or guess if you aren't for sure.
  3. Do you have a medical problem (asthma, hives, epipen, allergies, etc.)
  4. What is it rated?/ what was it rated?
  5. Do you need to wear deodorant? Not 'do you wear deodorant' but do you need to be wearing it?
  6. What is the hair in your arm pits like if you don't remove it by shaving, tweezing, or waxing?
  7. How MUCH hair is there in your armpits?
  8. How much hair is there on your 'crotch' area (Down there, u kno, ur va-Gina) on the inside and outside? (I DONT MEAN INSIDE THE HOLE SICKO!)
  9. Have you been having Va-Ginal Discharge? (A slightly sticky, whitish goo coming out of you-know-where-down-there)
  10. For how long have you been having the 'Discharge'???
  11. When was the last time you had LOTS Of Discharge?
  12. Do you need to wear a bra? (Any kind of bra)
  13. What kind of bra SHOULD you be wearing
  14. Are your usual everyday emotions positive ones or negative?
  15. And acne? Have you ever broke out (a time you got pimples) in pimples before? How many pimples do you have? (Includes whiteheads.)
  16. Have you noticed your hips widening and your Waist getting smaller resulting in a curvy shape? (If you don't know the difference beetween hips and waist search it up on google images.)
  17. Are you in love with a guy? (Effects) If you want take my quiz at [no urls] Capital o = O Zero = 0 Ok?

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