What type of Parallelogram is THAT?!

There are occasions when you just gotta know what type of parallelogram you're dealing with. Is it a square? A rectangle? A RHOMBUS?! Or maybe even just a plain parallelogram? Let us find out....

Congruent means equal, but not always...remember in a geometric proof, congruent and equal are not the same. A 45-45-90 triangle is a triangle in which two angles are 45 and one is 90. If I made any errors or left anything out, let me know!

Created by: Appayipyip42

  1. Before you can tell what type of parallelogram your polygon is, we must know: Is it even a polygon?
  2. Ok, we know this is a polygon. Now we have to make sure this is a quadrilateral. Well, is it?
  3. Ok, we know this is a quadrilateral. Just one more thing to check before the real fun begins, k? Is it even a Parallelogram?
  4. Alright! It is indeed a parallelogram!
  5. Opposite sides:
  6. Opposite angles:
  7. Do the diagonals intersect at right angles, or perpendicular?
  8. When a diagonal is traced along the parallelogram, does it form two 45-45-90 isosceles triangles?
  9. Are all the sides congruent?
  10. Are all the angles congruent?
  11. Alright! You've completed the parallelogram sorting survey.

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