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  • No Stereotype. Good! I'm kinda popular at school, yet not. My friends say I'm smart, but if I was in a stereotypical group with my friends, I'm definitely not a nerd. I'm into soccer and thinking of trying track, but I'm not that athletic. I'm just a Average Joe. Also, I try not to judge people. (Keyword: TRY) Good quiz!

  • No Sterotype

    You are known for not judging people on how they look or act. Sure there are some people that you know that are in one of the categories, but you don't like or hate them based on that. You try to see the best in everyone. If you believe that sterotyping is wrong, even though i created this quiz, I agree with you. As my favorite saying goes," Don't judge a book by its cover."

    Great quiz :)

  • I got emo. That's not exactly me, and the first sentence DEFINITELY doesn't describe me, but the rest of it was pretty accurate. Nice quiz!

  • I don't know if I qualify as emo, but besides the first sentence the entire description sounds EXACTLY like me.

    elf maiden
  • Emo. Oh, god that is so correct. The description is perfect, too. Good job

  • i am sooooo not a prep i mean hello?.......

  • I'm not an emo, I'm a goth -.- but apart from tht it was a good quiz.

  • I got No Sterotype, SO true! Great quiz!


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