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  • You're normal. You are the stereotype of an average person. You're your own person. You probably have a small group of friends who share the same interests as you, your kind and smart. And you like to hang out with friends and family

  • munklover, it SOUNDS like ur goth! geez

  • Someone knows their goth! :) and MunkLOVER, I can tell by the way you talk, you are not goth. Talking to spirits has nothing to do with being goth, it has to do with being psychic (which I am), and my room is actually green. You sound like a confused teenager. Don't worry, you'll grow up!

  • I like how you describe the stereotypes from an objective, understanding view.

  • I am goth, not emo, b****! I talk to the dead in my black room, that is goth, right? Son of a b****. You are a mother f****** dick sucker! A** hole!


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