what sponge bob charictar ar u most like

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every one knows who sponge bob is and all his crazy friends so whitch one are you sandy patric sponge bob hinself greedy mr.krabs or artistic...not realy squidward

are you like sponge bob and his friends ..... ohhhhhh who lives in a pine apple under the sea sponge bob square pants is nothical nonsense somthing you wish sponge bob square pants sponge bob square pants SPONGE BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOBBBBBB SQUARE PANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTS idk what to write

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. u would rather
  2. pick a phraze
  3. pick one
  4. pick one
  5. pick one
  6. pick what fits u best
  7. pick what fits you best
  8. youre friends say ur
  9. ...
  10. ...

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