What's your go to Hogwarts House based on what you answer???

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This is a quiz for Harry Potter nerds!!!! IF U LIKE HARRY POTTER U CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!!!! potterheads rule all fandoms!!!1 I MEAN POTTERHEADS ARE THE BEST!!!

This is for PEEPS who like harry potter and cant register for pottermore!!!!! I MEAB WTF IS THAT ABOUT???? I MEAN ALL OF U PEEPS ARE ACCEPTED IN MY MIND!!!!

Created by: Angelina

  1. Do u like Strawberries????
  2. Do u like cake????
  3. Do U like Hot Dogs???
  4. Do U Like Shell Shokers
  5. Did u like this quiz??
  6. MEH
  7. whaaaattttt
  8. Cats????
  9. GYmnastics???
  10. HAHA????

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Quiz topic: What's my go to Hogwarts House based on what you answer???