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  • Your Result: J or L 60%

    People wit this starting letter are smart and popular. They become wealthy and are not ver nice partners you mostly see the wealth in it all than the partnership. On the other hand people like this can also be very loving and fun to be around but take most things slowly just the way you like it. They talk alot and a bright with Ideas and you love to hear them.


  • Ok so this is like such an ancient quiz but I found it and took it and Im freaking out about my result like 0.0

    Your Result: B or T 80%

    People with this starting letter are loud and fun. They have an outstanding personality and are very honest, and thats what you love is when someone is fun and honest. They will hardly ever tell a lie and are layed back and lazy which may be bad but you don't care. Sometimes these people can be very stuborn and loving, which will take very long to understand but they are great partners and will last a long time with you and you want a realationship that will last forever.

    Ok first, ruling the B out, I got a T. My crushs name STARTS WITH A T. Also the description in the result sounds so much like him Im like OMG

  • I am in Love with a Girl who's first name start with S while Second with M.I have only answered few questions right as others are not understandable.

    I like your results.
    Kindly send more.

  • Your Result: S or M 60%

    People like this are very kind and giving which you find wonderfull. They have good hearts and give everything they can give you. They may have no sense of humor though but that doesn't matter to you because they can be super sweet. You may sometimes feel uncomfertable with the fact that they love to buy you things.


    Well, my gf's name starts with K, and I truly love her

  • i got an a or a c and i like someone thats name starts with a c omg hopefully it is cole milbocker he is so dang hot

  • This quiz is awesome!I've got 86% and so the letter is S and M which is weird bc my initial is S and my crush's initial is M.I am so thrilled.Thank you so much Team

  • My result's explanation was perfect! It's exactly what I look for! My guy might not have that letter as his name, but great job! I loved this quiz!

  • I like a person that is C. This quiz said it was a B or a T. I'm so confused🤔

    Witchcraft ghoul
  • Got d or r

  • I got S or M, but idk anyone who has a name beginning with M?

    • If you're a girl, Matthew, Mark, Michael, Marty, Marvin, etc. If you're a boy, Mary, Melissa, Mandy, May, Martha, etc.

  • I got B or T and there’s this guy in my class who name starts with a B and I think he Liked me for three years. I’m now worried.

  • A or C and my crush is an A, and people are always telling me he likes me so that was awesome :)

  • S or M
    probably my best friend, Steven

  • true😂 but my crush's name that I'm currently chatting with rn has a name that starts with C :( or J :(

  • Sigh... YOU GOT IT RIGHT! Amazing! =D

  • I got R or D 60% ....it is really true.i love R very much...my heart,soul,she is my...I.She is my eye,mind,victory,jo y,not my sad...but i love her for 2.2 yeras after i told her...i am poor,not good in physically,short,bu t i have deept love to her,i am a very brilliant student,i love her very much..many many many,she is beautiful,middle-ri ches,not good student,.....when i told her she didn't give me any answer.on the contrary,she sometimes laugh at me,after telling her she don't talk with me also i am...but i see her in every moment as she lives same place.but it seems to me that if she loves me she can tell me any time...his such character prove me that she don't love me...never.i am a boy none love me....i don't boaring her of about this matter in any time...god please forsake me...what can i do...i remember her in any time,second,i thought her very much in dream,sleep time,eating time means really all the time in a hole day.i am crying any time when i remind her.what can i do plz...i don't understand is it love nor what...?is it so miserable,thinking- able,hard,why so unforgetable,unremo val.only i love her..she don't.how it can be love...i don't know,but i cannot setup my mind,what what what can i do ...GOD?I don't forget her,don't forget her....

    "Poor can not get love",is it trur?

  • I got a 60% on the first letter of my crush starts with a b or t but looking at peoples comments for example if they got my score the first letter of there name would be b and the first letter of there last name would be t but I don't know enyone like that, (gazes into the future and finds someone like that.) but seriously I dont know enyone like that yet but maby in the future.

  • omg, my crushs name starts with a J!!

  • yes this is realy niece i got s and m and my bf name starts frm sunil wow its true

  • Why did so many of us get B or T?

  • Wow... B or T-Bennett! I've been told many times he loves me in secret!

  • B or T... Nope!

  • This is amazing, i got S n M and the most of all is that my bf is Sanele... Love him so much

  • Ok so the quiz is cute but like where do you get the letter combo like M&S and B&T ??????? Know what i mean i mean my lover or the person i love kinda lol starts with a b and i got m so that kinda pissed me off a little bit just sayin

  • i got a or c and j or l both at 60 perecent so my result is either a,c,j,or l i think the people that like me start with a and j

    i will tell you the name of the person i like is justin

    united states

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