What RWBY character are you?

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See what RWBY character you are to find your true skill in you know it RWBY!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAD A GREAT TIME LIKE I DID MAKING THIS FOR ALL OF YOU PEOPLE OUT THEIR!

Find out who you true self is and your true power to defeat any Bad guys in all of you know it RWBY!!! HOPE YOU LOVED IT JUST LIKE I DID HAVE A GOOD DAY AND NIGHT!

Created by: Rwby Afton

  1. What is you fav color?
  2. what is your fav two (2) starting letters?
  3. Last question, What is your perfered wepon?
  4. h
  5. f
  6. t
  7. u
  8. d
  9. g
  10. z

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Quiz topic: What RWBY character am I?

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