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  • This quiz is the dumbest crap I have ever had the pleasure, excuse me pain, to view. It is nothing but streotypes. I am a black Female, who enjoys rock music, dresses in bright colors, does not watch any of those stupid music channels and would not, if i were gay, go after a famale with large hindquarters just because her hindquarters are large. but im not mad...just confused, JESUS!

    Jeri Sparkles
  • I am white, and when I took the quiz it told me that I am black, even though most people say I am the whitest person around. I have red hair, pale skin, and a Minnesota accent without any sort of "hip-hopish" accent to it. :) The second choice was Hispanic!

  • i got black when i'm really meditarenean olive white born in france with brittish nationality and i'm from a ghetto.but wat's up with saying that blacks don't like rock,i have black friends who like heavy metal and hate Rap

  • I'm Black and the quiz got it right.Omg.I didn't even choose Hip-Hop or sagging and I said I have a high paying job.Wow.

  • i got white and btw the guy wit the puppetts is Jeff Dunham


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