What Punishment should you get? (For all genders)

I love punishments you may not like punishments but it's ok because you will get punishment if you want to prepare yourself i will show you how in the second paragraph

Give yourself an atomic wedgie outside and 10 spankings on each butt lock and be prepared to pose for picture to be taken of you to be posted online. Good Luck!


  1. Are you a boy of girl?
  2. Will you do the results?
  3. Would you want to make me your slave right now?
  4. Did you do anything wrong? (be honest please)
  5. Please pick blue.
  6. You must take this oath: " I must never do what i did today every again and if i do i must redo this quiz and do my results"
  7. Tis random con be
  8. I'm running out of ideas
  9. Do you like punishments?
  10. Yay I'm finally at 10!

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Quiz topic: What Punishment should I get? (For all genders)

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