What punishment does your little brother deserve?

Hey fellow big brothers/sisters out there(cousins too)! Is your little brother(or cousin) being annoying? Do you think he simply needs a punishment? Or do you just want some new punishment ideas? Well this is the quiz for you!

Just answer a few questions about you and your brother/cousin, things like how you punish him, what he did, etc, etc. and this quiz will determine the perfect punishment for him. Hope you enjoy! :)

Created by: That1Dude

  1. First question, do you have a little brother/cousin?
  2. What types of things do you do to punish/bully him?
  3. What did he do?
  4. How often does he do that
  5. Do you want him to hate his punishment?
  6. If yes to the above question, what does he hate most?
  7. Are you two going to be alone when you punish him?
  8. What punishment do you want him to get?
  9. How long do you have to punish him?
  10. What underwear does he wear?
  11. Did you like this quiz and will you rate/comment?
  12. Well this is the end. Hope you have fun punishing him. :)

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Quiz topic: What punishment does my little brother deserve?