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  • Well, MaggiErisian, the real definition of a Christian is "Christ-like". Therefore, those people that you are saying are Christians and are self-righteous hypocrites are not really "Christians". They may claim to be, but that is not a real Christian. Jesus Christ was not self-righteous. He was God's Son who was sent to this world to die for the sins of all mankind. There is a penalty for those sins and He wants to save YOU from that penalty. Have you ever read the Bible (the King James Version)? You should really seek for the answers to life's questions there. Go into it with an open mind. Leave behind all of your preconceived ideas about what you think Christianity is and seek Jesus Christ. All you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart and He will!!! He is the ONE and ONLY GOD!!! Trust Him!!! P.S. If you think that I am some old fashioned grandma, think again....I am a 20 year old college student who has found from first hand experience that JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT!!! "FOR GOD SO LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • well. im 10% christian. i used to be a full on christian, like praying everyday, reading my bibile daily, talking to God whenever i want to.. like id tell him whatever is going on, i confessed my sins, i repented of my sins a FEW times.. but kinda recently (like 5 -6 months ago) i gave up Christianity.. i saw change but not a lot, my heart was being worked on, i had good intentions more than ever and i felt better.. but the MAIN reason i stopped is because i am scared of the demons and bad stuff coming to get me for being christian. its like when you are a Christian or trying to be FOR God, demons and stuff come for you.. and im not strong enough to deal with that stuff, i just couldn't take it anymore. i stressed ver that all the time. i couldnt even do simple daily task that i usually do normally. now im not christian and everything is getting worse. but thats just the price i will have to pay since i gave up.. satan and his demons came for me and broke and influenced me to stop. i guess you can say i turned into a satanist.. im drawing symbols on myself, looking up demons, even saying there names and etc. my life is so much more worse without God. but hey.. im happy for the ones that are for him and are saved... :,(

  • You are 65% Christian!

    Congrats!! You are more than half way there! At least you do try and serve God. Remember that this is not going to be a truly accurate test. I just wanted to sort of give a guideline on how to be a Christian, which is living as Christ-like as we possibly can. Great job!!

    no offense, but you non christians are so... i won't say, i'd get banned and go against my christianity

    i iscool
  • I'm happy with my rating, Im not prepared to lie and say I condem those of same-sex relation ships though to justify this test!. God Loves the person, and hates the sin!, its what I was tauught and I firmlt believe. Interesting quiz.

  • I got 98 but that only because I am a little lazy and forget to read my bible often. God is my all in all and I love people. I'm also in high school and it's hard to tell people about my faith because I feel they may judge me.

  • Ah, what a funny quiz! Yes, I am 0% (ZERO percent) "Christian"! Considering that most so-called Christians are self-righteous hypocrites, I am proud that I am not a Christian! (I am a Hellenic Polytheist, though.) So there.

  • LOL! This quiz should have been called "What percentage Evangelical Are You?" These questions would not apply to Catholic Christians at all!

  • Question #13: Do you beleive you are a sinner? Well, I was, but then Jesus died and took away my sin shame. He gave me a robe of righteousness and called me a saint. So now I believe what he says, "I am a saint."

  • MaggiErisian: Nice over-generalization there. Funny words coming from a Polytheist. Your kind persecuted Christians for hundreds of years. Who's the self righteous hypocrite now?

  • How does this come up with the percentages?

  • 0
    that was expected i am wiccan

  • YAY/111 YAY!!! Oh glory be!!! I got the result I wanted!!!.......... .....I am.......0% Christian!!! :)

  • I got 51% Yay! Lol.

  • 100 wow i love god and everything but god is my life

  • 0% christian I'm atheist :).

  • Zero procent!! HELL YEAH! :D

  • i am 16% "christian" haha
    and so, yaa i agree wid u MaggiErisian


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