What of the four elements are you?

This quiz will show you your inner element by you choosing answers to 10 basic questions, so be honest.ksjdfl;akjsdf;alksdjf;alksdfja;lskdfj;alsdkfj;asldkfja;ldskfjas;ldkfja;lskdfj;slkdfa;lskdjf;laksdjf;lskadjf;laskdjf;laksdjf;laskdjf;laskdfj;laksdjf;laskdjf;asldkfj;lskdjfa;lkdfjal;skdjf


Created by: lolsyougotme

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  1. Choose a color.
  2. Choose a food type.
  3. Choose a weapon.
  4. Let fait decide.
  5. Choose your Zodiac.
  6. Choose.
  7. You are.
  8. Do you get lost easily?
  9. Choose an animal type.
  10. Finally, choose an object.

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Quiz topic: What of the four elements am I?