What oet are you? Cat, hamster, or dog?

There are alot of people who ask me, what pet would I be if I was one? I would say, I dunno. Try a quiz, but then I hought after a while, why dont I make one? So I did.

Are YOU a cat, or dog? Do you think you know? Well you probably dont. So try this quiz and find out! It only takes a couple minutes. :D Good luck! Youll need it.

Created by: Sasha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you lazy?
  2. Do you like to sleep?
  3. Do you like to play fetch and romp around and wrestle?
  4. Do you like to eat more often than sleep?
  5. Do you like this quiz?
  6. Do you like animals?
  7. If you could pick your results what would you pick?
  8. Do you like to hunt?
  9. Do you like to watch dog videos?
  10. Do you like to watch cat videos?
  11. Do you like to watch cat and dog videos?

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Quiz topic: What oet am I? Cat, hamster, or dog?