What Music Genre Would You Like Based On My Autistic Brain?

yes yeah yup bruh sheesh yeet chronic depression meme sussy fortnite ballz u suck stink fart poo pee diarehha fart stinky poo in your diaper banana fart monkey ballz what yeet justin fart banana monkey ballz mark zuckerburg what yeet

qye fvhb h gjv fc vhb k jbh h ffcvkh gcfv kgcfj kv yjghk hk gffvjh kyu gbgk kvblibyug jgv uh ujnhbgvyhjnbg bjvhgjjkb hbh vgj ljbgv bbhv bvbbvbnm hgv

Created by: bruhmasteryeet69000

  1. Do you like sad music
  2. do you like hype music
  4. do you like happy slash bruh upbeat music
  5. do you like country yippity kee yie fuq
  6. do you like heep hop. i know how to spell im just being reetordead for humour HAHAHA ARE YOU LAUGHING
  7. do you like pop
  8. reggae my dude
  9. classical?? em hm. hm hm hm. mmmmmmm
  10. rock
  11. edm bruh
  12. indie bruh

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