What kind of spanking do you need.

so um sorry if this is bad this is my first quiz i was just really bored at home so i have been taking weird tests on line i was recommended these kind of tests alot so i decided to see how many there really were so i searched spanking tests and holly cow there are so many so i decided i was going to make my own and here i am so i hope you enjoy

also sorry if it says you are a guy this test is made for girls but guys can play it too it wont have a difference anyways once a gain hope you enjoy and have fun.

Created by: Corinne

  1. what is your age
  2. what is your gender
  3. what is the worst thing you have done this week
  4. if you get a spanking what position
  5. who will be spanking you
  6. how mad is the person
  7. will you do what the result says (no effect )
  8. bye bye
  9. oh wait sorry i forgot... who made you take this quiz
  10. last question i promise are you sorry

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Quiz topic: What kind of spanking do I need.

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