What kind of spanking are you going to get?

There's lots of different reasons for your bottom to be smacked. Some of them are meant to be more of a punishment than others. Some are for fun, and...

some are really going to hurt. If you know a spanking is coming and you're not sure what kind yet, look no further. I recommend 1-5 spanks for every year of age.

Created by: Frigg

  1. How old are you
  2. What did you do? (Part 1)
  3. What did you do? (Part 2)
  4. What did you do? (Part 3)
  5. Are you sorry?
  6. Who will spank you?
  7. Have you been spanked before
  8. What were you told to do to prepare?
  9. How do you feel about the impending spanking?
  10. What if your spanking was in public?

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Quiz topic: What kind of spanking am I going to get?