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  • Traditional

  • I worship noone. Mabey i sometimes ask aphrodite for help but she isnt the devil shes going to make boys like me.

    Starwars lover
  • what kind of goth are you?
    Your Result: evel goth

    You are a bad person. you probibly worship the devel or do witchcraft. i dis-like you and you should be ashamed of your self for making the strariotipe for all the other dark lovers.


    Starwars lover
  • Your Result: vintage goth

    You love traditional gothic style. your nateral look makes anything you wear look dark and elagant. your not evel. you just have a taste for the dark things, like gravyards and spiderwebs

    um... yeah, actually. last time I checked, not exactly dripping with Voldiness (evil) and oddly enough, i actually really like cemeteries...

  • im gemo......ok


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