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  • Im gonna guess Im the only muscly dude then. 62, 210 pounds and sick of the fat acceptance crap in these comments

    The Mighty E
  • Massive! 220 lbs, 40 inches around, and I'm only 5'4! I want to get so much fatter though! I want my belly to spread all over my lap when I sit. I want to break my 300 pound limit scale! I want to be 50 plus inches around my belly. I want to ruin all of my clothes with my massive belly! FAT IS BEST

    Fatty Jazzi
  • how do you get fat I'm average but want to get squishy

    • Eat a lot of snacks in between meals abd drink a lot of a high calorie drink each day. Also, 3500 calories = one pound, so eat more than that and limit movement. Good luck, hopefully you get squishy like me! I weigh 160 and have a 36 inch waist :)

  • Yay I got the obvious,a massive belly and don’t worry I’m still very healthy.

  • Double. Nice.

  • I got Jelly :D.


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