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  • Umm just cuz I don't like dark colors doesn't mean I'm a prep:) actually it's hard to stereotype me but I guess I'm more prep than anything but I'm not dramatic and annoying and mean to people who don't wear name brand clothing! So I guess ur right but u really shouldn't stereotype people based on their fave colors:D

    glitterchick97 Oct 8 '11, 11:23PM
  • emo is a musoc genre

    Hunteriscool Dec 23 '10, 1:18PM
  • punk/goth/emo WRONG! im not any of these and this quiz sucked bigtime!

    A_Me_Amaya Dec 18 '10, 3:38AM
  • Punk/Goth/Emo, as well.
    Um, well okay?

    lilfreakgryl Dec 18 '10, 12:20AM
  • Punk/Goth/Emo

    I guess.

    tomboykaitie Dec 17 '10, 10:35PM

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