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  • What is your social title?
    Your Result: party pooper

    You are a party pooper. Sorry to say, but your main goal in life is to ruin fun. You don't like parties, and you don't enjoy hanging out with a big group of friends. Your dream jobs are a writer of any sort, or an editor. You probably work at home. You have up to 5 true friends. They classify you as a stay-home person. The popular group classifies you as the same. This doesn't mean that your true friends are part of a popular group though. Good job!

    Result Breakdown:
    86% party pooper
    65% Little Ms. perfect
    26% spoiled brat
    14% book worm
    Quiz URL: [no urls]
    Correct LAMO

  • Ha spoiled brat.... Well no problem haha... Good try


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