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  • Your quiz results
    What is your political ideology?
    Your Result: Social Democrat 86%

    This quiz has defined you as a Social Democrat (you may or may not be a Democratic Socialist as well). In general you are in the Liberal mindset, but wish to take it a step further. You favour the brodening of various social programs and a progressive income tax system to help alleviate social inequality. You wish to change the current social paradigm, but through gradual means.

    81% Liberal
    77% Communist/Radical Left
    58% Fascist/Radical Right
    21% Conservative
    0% Libertarian

    After being forced to reevaluate how I see the world after playing GalCivII, I can honestly say this result is the most accurate one I can get.

  • Shawn Kulm:

    Same situation here with questions lacking answers I would choose. For example,for question 4, I think there should be a progressive tax, but it should not be "steeper".

    Similar problem with question 13 as SuckItRaw.

    Sover eignty and diplomacy are, in my view, the same thing.

    The final result was - I think - pretty accurate, but some of the questions are flawed.

  • Unfortunately someone decided to associate Fascist with Conservative? The definition of a Fascist is when the government (not citizens) tells you how to live, by force or coersion. A true conservative does not do either, while the socialist/fascist government does exactly that - example Obamacare and political correctness fostered by the "socialist" left.

  • It pegged me right, but I think the poll/quiz itself had far to many extremist options and nowhere near enough not-so- extreme options.

    Global Warming, Taxes, Citizen ownership of Guns, Affirmative Action, States Rights, Nationalism, War and General Opinion of the Gov't each had only extreme options...

    ...for example:
    Citizen Ownership of Guns -
    options are:

    1) It is the only thing that is keeping the government from raiding all of our homes

    2) The Second Amendment is largely open to interpretation, and is at best, a clause that no longer applies. Repeal it.

    3) Keep the Second Amendment a part of the U.S. Constitution, but pass legislation to better regulate the sale of firearms to enure social safety.

    4) The Second Amendment was a business-serving move that has led to the creation of an arms-industry that now cannot be stopped, as to do so, would be "unconstitutional"

    5) Citizen ownership of guns is harmful because it contributes to rebellion against the state.

    I ask, where is the answer that states:

    Second Amendment is valid as is, it was written for the purpose of ensuring the people retain the rights to arm themselves any situation that they deem necessary, hunting, protection, defense, etc... No government should ever have the right to remove rights of law abiding citizens who contribute to society and aren't a plague upon it. No further regulation required.

  • This quiz did not help me. Many of the questions did not have a choice i can accept. I need help identifying myself. So here is my beliefs, and whoever reads my comment, can you assist me on identify what polital ideology i have. Here its is: i believe i am a individual, non-comglamerated human being, a " self-ruled and self-god type person. I believe, i have ownership of authority of my body and soul, but nothing external has authority of me at all! I am 100% against any type of inequality. Such as the following: i hate censorship. I hate social injustice, i hate double standards, i hate win/lose type discision making processes, and only favor win/win scenarios of disicion making process especailly when its involves rights of humans. I want no human to be deprived or stolen their rights away by others who i see are selfish and stenchy by having thier right and taking away someone else's right based on personal disagreeance of cultural and values and traditions. In otherwards for example, you can't do or act like that because acting like that is against my religion and against what i would do myself. That kind of selfish behavior. Not allowing everyone to have their cake and eat it too motto. Allowing myself choose exercising free will which behaviors are good and which i see are bad. And expressing those behaviors that i see are moral and ethical and many others disagree upon. So, does anyone have a political diagnoses of me? Does any one know exactly what i am politically based on the stated beliefs i have? I will greatly appreciate it!

    Shawn Kulm
  • Conservative and proud of it!!! As Churchill said "show me a young man who isn't a liberal and I'll show you a man without a heart"............. ................... ..........

    "Show me an old man who isn't conservative and I'll show you a man without a brain."

    So there is still hope for you communist/socialist heads full of mush, if you live long enough.

    Fascism is a form of government where business is owned by private individuals, but, ran by the government. With all the regulations imposed by the left wing, I'd say the left is also far more Fascist than the right, no matter what you numbskulls have been indoctrinated to believe.

  • Made me have to think about some of the questions (in a way that I enjoy) but I was ultimately dissapointed in the lack of final categories. Where are the Nazis, anarchists, stoners, monarchists, tyrannical majorities, totalitarians, random psychotic individuals, hippies, cowboys, or most importantly the Green Party? Furthermore, I find your selection to concentrate more on the widely accepted stereotypes -(which contain no matter nor energy so do not exist but apparently do since people such as yourself derrive all knowledge from observation exposing a flaw in human reasoning that can only be repaired by making me and/or Eric Idle unquestioned ruler of the world)- as oppossed to actual beliefs. In summation, I am eloquent but not gregarious.

  • Labeling me as a conservative was no surprise. I do agree with the prior comment of using "Spell Check" - Question #8 spelled "ensure incorrectly as enrue". I hate to say this but, it leads me to think that this "quiz" is not very valid if the maker did not bother to check their spelling.

  • I promote a form of market socialism in which enterprises are owned and managed cooperatively by the workers so that the profits directly remunerate the employee-owners. These cooperative enterprises would compete with each other in the same way private companies compete in a capitalist market.

  • It thoroughly amazes me the lack of education people have concerning political ideologies.

    Communism, socialism, and fascism are all �left wing� ideologies. The primary concern in each of these is varying degrees of state control over the individual. Like it or not people Hitler was left wing. He was the leader of the National Socialist Party commonly referred to as the Nazi Party. Mussolini was a fascist. Neither one of these men had anything to do with giving freedom to the individual other than the elite whom had been in control.

    To those who have equated fascism with conservatism you have been brain washed. Conservatism is an ideology bent primarily on maintaining the status quo. Essentially keeping government at its present size. While it is often a right of center ideology it is not a true smaller government is better group.

    I was a conservative for many years, I am no longer I believe in a smaller government and I believe radical steps need to be taken to get there. I am a libertarian at heart, and believe we should be able to live our lives with as little government intervention as possible. I came to this position after years of study and contemplation.

    P lease people educate your selves before you comment. If you do not you end up looking like an idiot. I do not care what ideology you ascribe to, I am just saying be sure you know what you are talking about. Don�t just regurgitate what you have been spoon fed by those who have an agenda.

    Fascism != conservatism
    Fasci sm != right wing

  • Oh God, where to start? No, Hitler was not a fashist. He was a nazi. NOT the same thing, a completely different political ideology. Part of the republican party? Are you crazy? Faschism is the believe that the individual is put beneath the need of the government, and keeps the population supressed by uneducation and violence.

    A conservative... do I really have to explain this? It's someone who sees society as an organism that slowly needs to develop in order not to create chaos. Pro life? What kind of hippietalk is that? Guh...

    And about the anarchism. It's true, I guess the extreme libretarian could classify. Sort of. Still I can't help but to mention that anarchism is the lack of a governing system. It's supposed to, (according to Marx), be the third step ofthe revolutionary process, after Socialism and Communism. Libretarians tend to be people living in groups with a structure within themselves. Just saying...

    And for the very last thing on my mind. Yes, this is so totally

  • Had very high for both liberal and conservative (both in >90%) and also high for libertarian >75&.) Makes sense given I hold many strong liberal, conservative and libertarian convictions. Surprising liberal was so high though, guess it was just the questions they asked.

  • This poll is more of a push poll made to divide people that are in the middle. Some of the questions were very biased to push people to the left. If this quiz was more objective rather than subjective, i feel it would be more accurate.

  • @Sean Kulm From what you say, it sounds like you are a hardline libertarian bordering on anarchism (on personal freedoms). You only gave positions on personal freedom/social freedom, so I can't diagnose your economic views.

  • May we kill the liberal community and wash ourselves in their blood. May we rise up and show the world our true power and sweep over the poor and exterminate the weak. Our Nation will rise to the top of the known world and we will rule over all. No weak-minded, nieve liberal will get in our way. One day my brothers; our day will come and the world will be ours for the taking. On that day when our reckoning sounds off, like a trumphet in battle, we will take our place in history. Do not count days, do not count miles, only count the number of dead at your feet. Rise my brothers in arms! Alas, our day is soon to come!

  • This quiz is pretty good. It said I'm a Conservative, with Libertarian as the runner up. It's funny, on the less well thought out quiz I got Communist (which was absurd), and on this one I had no level of Communist in me, it came in last.

  • Conservatives are insane! And yes you are a facist! And the hillbilly who told the government to "come get him", I am sure lives in trailer in Kansas with his mom, jobless drunk Dad, and 4 brothers!

  • The quiz accurately reflected my beliefs. As far as I am concerned, the so-called "political left" has done more to destroy the United States than any other element in the civil order.

  • And for the very last thing on my mind. Yes, this is so totally a lefters test. I mean, come on... Olof Palme? This has the smell of a swedish social democrat all over it. Who else would put that guy here? Anyhow. I enjoyed the test. That could naturally be because I am extremely left myself.

  • I'm a Social-Democrat which is very accurate. Nice quiz, and yeah you actually need to be intelligent in order to get the right result. I want equality, progression, freedom and morality.

  • I am a Fascist/ radical right. However, I am not right-winged at all, and are more centrist than anything. I was pegged to the three left ideologies as next-closest, then conservative at 28%, then Libertarian at 0%.

  • Social democrat? I don't think so!!! Actually I didn't fully understand most of this quiz I just took it cuz I was bored but I do know that I am definitely not a democrat!!! And u really should check ur spelling!

  • I am a very proud fascist, I heartily accept that with all the finger pointing and gnashing of teeth that will come from the morally weak leftists.

  • for everyone who thinks "anarchism" isnt there... if you have a very high libertarian score, that is pretty dam close to anarchism... and the fascist/radical right is just an extreme conservatism just as the radical left/communist is extreme liberalism. its a good quiz overall

  • This is of course a quiz by a leftist. Obviously, I had very few Libertarian answers, especially with State Government and Taxes. I ended up 90% Conservative, when I'm really Libertarian.


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