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  • What is your element?
    Your Result: Water

    You are water. Your colors are blue, green and white.You are a swimming maniac and love watery places like the ocean. You like fish and ducks and spend your free time swimming.

    i love the water... and fish... and ducks XD lol theyre not my fave but i love animals in general

  • Your Result: Fire

    You are fire. Your colors are red, orange, and yellow. You are a pyro and you love dark and creepy places like caves. You like big cats and dogs and spend you free time lighting fires.

    all the way fire! :D

  • I got water... My favorite sport is swimming! Great quiz. I gave it 9/10 because some questions were a bit obvious, but it was still great. :)

    I like music
  • i agree with slim_t

  • very entertaining quiz.

    although you missed a fundamental element...spirit, lightening, ethereal, whatever you want to call it, also your questions were kinda vague for example i enjoy all of the activity's you were asking about.

    i give it...4 out of 10 and a well earned (very entertaining) place


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