What is your element?

Welcome! To my priceless quiz. Nah it might be worth something. I doult it. I hope you have fun. It took a while and trust me I hated it. Just kidding. Maybe not. Just begin the quiz!

The quiz is great hopefuly. Why am I just a nerd? I said just! Well i'm running out of thoughtless things to say so hurry up and start the quiz or else! Nah I want do anything but do it!

Created by: happypuppy

  1. Ok welcome! First of all in wind result it's in not if. I got it wrong and it want let me edited out. Sorry!
  2. :3 Back to the quiz. Color?
  3. outside?
  4. Animal?
  5. Hair style? '~'
  6. Hair color?
  7. Quote?
  8. Age? (Me: I know I know. Just choose)
  9. Rate???
  10. Bye:)

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Quiz topic: What is my element?