What is your baby status?[boys]

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Hey boys, this is Mia Forton. Do me a favor and meet me at the new Texas Roadhouse in Casa Grande. i hope you like steak and a certain ladies parts. with love until the next time!

It is the next time! meet me at 4 pm on Wednesday this week. come with loosened pants and a smooth pair of s**y lips and skin. come with clean skin you know where. Any way, see you there. Later Boys!

Created by: mia forton

  1. Do you like diapers?
  2. How many time's do you go no.2 in your pants a day?
  3. How manly are you?
  4. How many times do you soak your diaper a day?
  5. When was the last time you soaked or messed your diapy?
  6. How many times this week have you soaked your bed?
  7. have you heard Biden & Trump Sing Havana by Camila Cabello? Look it up. it's good.{does not affect score}
  8. Do you think the covid vaccine is so overrated?
  9. Do you like mashed up foods?[not including mashed potatoes]
  10. which punishment would you rather have?

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Quiz topic: What is my baby status?[boys]