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  • Your Result: Social Butterfly

    You love to socialize. You don't belong to just one group and are always taking to your BFF's. You have your totally awesome guy/girl on your arm and you are just one big ball of energy. You don't care to much about being popular or about school. your the perfect balance of just being yourself.

    I guess that fits :)

    Puppy xo1
  • Nice im a nerd.I thought id get that.I'm not an ugly nerd though. so yeah.You should have more stereotypes though like well you should have a punk and gothic and emo.Idk.Im like a somewhat punky nerd.

  • ilovetaty4eva uhm u definately sound like a prep i hate cheer leaders. im on a dance team and we get more respect than u and we arent stuck up snobs (like u) anyway i got social butterfly ya that totally fits me. im chill...unless ur a cheerleader or something

  • A prep?hell no I'm a cheerleader I'm not stuck up and rude but I do get a bunch of atention and I don't follow people so if they want to follow me great but if not wat Eva!

  • social butterfly???? i guess!

  • social butterfly :D

    and bellow me it says americans (im not american, evryone one this site seem's to be ?!)


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