what grotesk bulesh ramanesk band member are you

this quiz is for the underground goth fans in whicth we have collected and we love them we want toknow how much they know us and whicth ones they are so i have created this quiz for them thank you for taking it

who are you? well you just found out i hope if not then oh well you will and if you score the nothings then hey at least you got somthing man cause yeah i dont like nothings but i use to be one so try again and maybe youll get somthing ok bye.

Created by: amazon of www.myspace.com/damagdandraven
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like the misfits
  2. do you like cradle of filth
  3. are u a guy
  4. what group are u in
  5. whats the worste thing to happen to you
  6. what is your ultimate fantasy
  7. who is you ultimate hero
  8. who are you
  9. n
  10. asdf
  11. no q

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Quiz topic: What grotesk bulesh ramanesk band member am I