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  • Your Result: You are Lambda

    Uniqueness is your characteristic quality. You may not always be on the same wavelength as others, but you greatly enjoy your individuality. Your alternate scheme of life will always hold strong and never decay.

    You are Mu
    You are Omega
    You are Psi
    You are Delta
    You are Theta
    You are Alpha
    You are Pi

  • I got Psi, which is surprisingly accurate, because I'm supposedly the Black Rider of Famine (its a long-running gag amongst my droogies which would take too long to explain the origins of). As we all know, Psi is the second to last letter of the Greek alphabet, right before Omega, which is traditionally used to represent Death. Therefore, Psi has become sometimes incorporated into references to the whole business. Thusly, this quiz is madjikal.

    E Lunatic

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