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  • Your Result: You got: Poseidon!! 77%

    Poseidon. Zeus and Hades brother. The god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Poseidon can manipulate water, talk to horses and make earthquakes, tsunamies and hurricanes happen. Very cool in my opinion:) If you got Poseidon as your result, you May posess some of these traits: physically and mentally though, very loyal, stubborn, kind, helpful, leader, protective, heroic and ambivert:) If you got Poseidon as your result, youre my favourite:) Thank you for taking this quiz:)

    60% You got: Hades!!
    12% You got: Zeus!!
    10% You got: Zeus!!

  • Poseidon, seems about right sense I am basically like a fish due to my love for swimming along with being very adventurous too. I also can be quite stubborn and unique. Cool quiz mate.

    • Hades! Yay! Totally matches my slightly emo side!

  • i mean my mom amber is a daughter of hades and heatce


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