What Female Pokmon Will You Tickle and in What Way?

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In this quiz you will play a male Minccino Pokémon. This guy likes to tickle his friends until they pee (ok, maybe not that far but you know what mean). Today you will find out who you will tickle and how would you tickle them. All you have to know is your not playing as yourself.

The Pokémon you can tickle is one (or maybe two) out of four. Snivy, Emolga, Purrloin and Eevee. All female. (Kinda a lady’s man if you ask me ;)) They also kinda like if not love to be tickled. So don’t expect a flat out “no”.

Created by: SomeoneUdontNo

  1. Snivy is your stubborn friend who is not impressed with a few things. Tho she is more playful then she holds on. She just likes to be a tough girl. You see Snivy doing her daily meditation. She has no idea you are here. What do you want to do?
  2. Emolga is your cherry friend who is always happy to see you. She likes to get involved in a lot of things but she most notably LOVES to be tickled. How will you tickle her?
  3. Purrloin is your sly and helpful friend (who is also your crush). She’s witty, smart and funny which is what you like about her. Purrloin also knows about how you like tickling everyone else. She offers to let you tickle her most ticklish spot, but she won’t tell you what it is. What do you do?
  4. Eevee is your competitive friend who will find a way to get revenge. Except for you because she knows she’s no match for your skills. You pin her down and where do you tickle?
  5. Where do you like to tickle the most?
  6. Who would you say is your best friend(s)?
  7. Would you like to playfully tickle someone or challenge someone with tickling?
  8. Who would you playfully tickle?
  9. Who would you challenge with tickling?
  10. Can YOU guess what Purrloin’s most ticklish spot is?
  11. This question has no effect. If you like this quiz should I make a sequel or base it off another property? (If your not a fan, that’s fine. Just skip)
  12. If you guessed Purloins most ticklish was her “feet”, then you are correct. She is super ticklish there and likes it.
  13. Which do you prefer? Fingers or soft tails? (No effect here because this won’t help with any of the results)
  14. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: What Female Pokmon will I Tickle and in What Way?