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  • Yeah sorry about the results for black Mysterious Cat, I created it during a very stressful time... Midterms. So I was basically thinking of sad stuff and Emo stuff. Black should've read: You are the mystery from within. You don't back down and have a fun time when around friends and family. You are friends with everyone, but stick to a certain group that will always be in a great mood and will help you out along the way. I guess I should have created the quiz results today instead of tuesday, my bad. Lizzy Thank you for the tips and no i do not play horse land this is the first i have ever heard of that game.

  • Black... But that's only sort of my personality. I don't always keep to myself, yes my friends appreciate who I am, I can be shy around people I don't know, but I LOVE my life. I don't need to cheer up, I already am :/ I have the best sense of humor anyone could ask for. It's so weird why I love the color black though, cause it's nothing like how I act xD

    Mysterious Cat
  • My favorite color is green. Maybe you could do a "which mythical creature are you" or "which animal are you" or "what does your color represent about you"

  • OMGS YESH ORANGE IS MY FAVE COLOR!!! ^-^ Lol, I thought this quiz would have random questions on it!! That's why I played it! ^-^ And you should have a random question quiz. Also, you should capitalize... if you want, that is. I dunno, I kinda like it lower-case/capitali ze all at random... o.o TAKE MUH QUIZ! xD Also, do you play on horseland?? O.O Cuz I do. YAY HL!!! ^0^ ^-^ :)))) HASHTAGS FOR HASHBROWNS. AHHHHHH Omg I luuuuuvvzzz hashbrowns!!!! o.o It has just occurred to me that I put 'o.o' a lot... o.o


  • Purple is my favorite color

  • Green any green

  • purple

  • I got blue & it said that I am kind an not a snob. :)

    Night Skye
  • green

  • the name for this quiz is misleading and a waste of time

    Block Kat

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