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  • Thank you, sweet quiz. People like me for more than one trait though. Anyway, you people are fighting about Justin Bieber, whether he sucks or not when it's a matter of opinion. My thoughts on him is that I don't know him well at all so I cannot make an accurate judgement but think his music is not the greatest but he is talented. I don't see why people love or hate him because they don't know him but whatever. You people may scream at me through this website about your opinions but I really don't care all that much.

  • i love this quiz all the time because i would marry justin bieber to kiss him so much go to the limo with long car red carpet with justin bieber and demi lovato alots of my friends about you i was the one i like to crush on you to much i need your phone real number bad and i want it OMG i can not wait i can not take it anymore i really love you i can fanit is real world i want to go your stage to the rapping with you im crazy about you and i can sream loud as i can WOW i love your songs makes me falling in love you are so dreamy

  • My attitude. JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?

  • well boys love me because of my body

    Megan Tierney
  • 4 girls:Boys love your attitude. It might be your nice,cool,or IDK...they just like it. :) DONT FORGET TO RATE THIS QUIZ>>>>

    cool :)

  • It's okay not my fav quiz but i love Justin Bieber so wat u gonna do bout it!!!!!!!!!!!!8D

  • SPECTACULAR!!!! quiz so true im naturly HOT N CUTE cuz guys naturly just stare at me and ask me out

  • THANK YOOH!! i love to be nice but christina mills pisses me off some time ugh! lol thank you though!

  • awesum quiz

  • i luv diz quiz it said they luv me adittude it iz tru

  • im h20nicki

    dolphin girl

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