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  • Your Result: Batman 77%

    You love the dark and the shadows. You fight crime with a vengeance as this super-awesome caped crusader. You can defeat a villan with a batarang and your fists. No need for superpowers, you are just that awesome.

    65% Superman
    57% Starman
    5% Wonder Woman
    0% Starfire

    The faded smoke
  • Hey, this is Rosetta(the creator of this quiz). Just so you know, if you got Batman you should read Batman Long Halloween. Superman: Superman/Batman Public Enemies. Wonder Woman: Original Wonder Woman Issues. Starman: Starman Omnibus 1. Starfire: The New Teen Titans Volume 1. Don't call me a nerd!

    Rosetta Quinn
  • I got batman

  • Hey rose! I know your not a nerd. Great quiz, I got starman. P.S. Guess who I am? Hint: BANANA CHAIR!-Vik


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