what avenger are u

There are many smart people but few true geniuses.Genius is afterall quite exceptional what is genius A genius is a really smart person who in some cases not trying to be mean but better

are you a aveger soon here you will find out you can be anyone Ironman,captainamerica,thor,hulk,hawkeye,or black widow!!anyone try your best and be honest

Created by: StarMaya

  1. do you like waffles?
  2. just asking... anyway how smart are you
  3. a bad guy just took a ladys purse what do you do
  4. your stranded on a island what do you do
  5. there are 3 tatical nukes in newyork 1 is in town square another at the stachue of liberty and the last one at the brooklin brige you have 40 seconds to get one witch one do you choose to get ???
  6. ohohohohohohohoh how i met your mother is on hold on for a sec
  7. ok im back.... sorry bout that it was a old one
  8. anyway how do you think of quiz
  9. right sorry so if there was a bank robbery in south park what would you do
  10. ok last question how much do you hate JB

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