what animal are you? :3

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Take this quiz to find out what animal you are. It will be fun! There are six results.

And fun ya I know I miss spelled some things but idc any ways I hope you like the quiz oh and the animals you can be is blue spix macaw, snake, bunny, cat, and......... DOGE so ya theres 3 questions so yyyyyyaaaaaaaa see easy.

Created by: coockie monster

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  1. What is your favorite color? I know its origanal ;.;
  2. What do you like to do on the weekend? Don't be haten
  3. FOOD?
  4. gender?
  5. age
  6. rp time are you ready?
  7. ok lets get started
  8. your soaring through the air and you see a little girls kite stuck in a tree. what do you do?(oh and you are a bird)
  9. after you help the girl you......
  10. you now live with the girl and she treats you very well. one day you where flying out side and someone shoots you*POOW*. describe your life.

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Quiz topic: What animal am I? :3