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  • Pretty close - mine said Inland North, but the South (which is correct) was second in my list. After changing item 11, it correctly identified me as from the South.

    And for the record, it's not pop; it's not soda; it's COKE - no matter what fizzy drink you're talking about! :) "Do you want a Coke?" "Yeah, get me a Sprite, please."

  • I clearly have a Texas accent... and this stupid thing said I was Midland and obviously they didn't mean Midland, TX.

    Oh and btw, we rednecks don't say "soda" either, we call everything Coke. Like in... "Do y'all want a Coke?"

    "What kind?"
    "Dr Pepper?"

    Only the idiot yankees say "pop" which sounds so stupid to us southerners.

  • I should have not taken the quiz in the first place, as I am neither an American nor a resident of the US. I was just intrigued as to what my accent usually is when I speak English. I do not know whether the quiz was accurate but it said I have a Philadelphian accent. Well, I would not know the real score. I am from the Philippines and I have never been to the US in fact.

  • I got Midland XD I'm from the east but I pick up on the way some people pronounce things, like I use the British pronunciation 'bruv' instead of 'bruh'. Overall this was fantastic!

  • My accent cant really be found in this quiz as I have parents from Boston and a parent who lived all over the place but mainly Germany and lived in airizona a few years and Ive lived all over the world myself I think thats why my top 3 where within 5% of each other with Boston following far behind below 30%

  • Result was midland but I definitely have a Boston accent, it was #2, but I have a Boston accent. This quiz is good, but it should have more questions, it should ask about words from different areas like in Boston we say Packie for liquor store or for u-turns we say bang a u-euy

  • So I grew up in Central Ohio all my life never once been to the west coast. The farthset west I've been is Illinois. But yet apparently I'm classified as a west coast southern California surfer duuuuuuuude. But I could easily be from Atlanta or Dallas. What about OHIO

  • Your Result: The South 85%

    That's a Southern accent you've got there. You may love it, you may hate it, you may swear you don't have it, but whatever the case, we can hear it.

    77% The Midland
    58% Philadelphia
    57% The Inland North
    43% The Northeast
    28% The West
    17% North Central
    7% Boston

  • I got "North Central", which said ""North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot." - which is bang-on, because I AM Canadian!!

    Duffy McT
  • Yeah, umm, not so accurate in my case. I'm from Louisiana, moved to Kansas when I was thirteen, back down to Louisiana when I was 17, and all over after that, including Japan. I now live in Connecticut, for the past 9 years. Somehow that has translated to Philidelphia?!?

  • .Sorry...Not only NOT from the inland north, but the closest I've been to being there is driving through part of Michigan (I think...maybe not even that). I'm from upstate NY and lived about 1/2 my life in Ga. But, after about 15 years in Ga., people there still pegged me as from the NE, so I think it's pretty obvious this test doesn't work very well, based on the comments I've read.

  • It is I had a southern accent not correct I have lived in the midwest most of my life Nebraska,Missouri, I was station in Louisana while in the Army. I know the letter "R" is not a word. Most of my family thinks the Midwest speaks proper with no accent, really test not correct for me!!! hmmmm

  • Well, I took the test and the location given for me was totally off the beaten path. It stated that I was from the Northeast and I was born and raised in the South! I guess having proper grammar is not a qualification. The test was very interesting.

  • Apparently if you pronounce things correctly, (like saying Bag is the same vowel as Vague, which it is--a long A--or saying Horrible is the same O as Whore--which it is, a long O--then you are from Wisconsin.

    Ok, whatever - but it's the correct dictionary pronunciation. We only have one language..

  • I am originally came from New Jersey, and when I moved to California at the age of 6 in or around the early 60's, my New Jersey accent was so heavy my Grade School teacher thought I had a speech impediment. Funny thing was she talked like a "Valley Girl."

  • The quiz said I was from Philly area but I grew up on Long Island,NY and have lived in deep South for last 33 years and thought I lost any trace of 'up North' accent. When I'm in the South I have been told I have a touch of Northern accent-when I'm up North have been told they could tell I was from the South. I give up and just talk as tho I'm just an AMERICAN!!!!

  • I am from Maine and have a strong northern accent - yet my results were "North Central" - have to wonder if this quiz can really pick up on a northern accent - didn't see any questions like do words that end in "er" and "a" sound the same, nothing about park and car etc

  • I have lived my entire life from infancy to age 68 in east central Georgia (USA) and whoever created this quiz thinks my answers indicate that I have a JERSEY accent??? Whereas for my entire life, no one has ever mistaken my accent for anything other than authentically, quintessentially Southern to the max! Somebody needs to take a reality check and accept that he/she doesn't actually know diddly-squat about regional linguistic markers!

    Auntie Mamie
  • The West

    Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you're a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities.

    Yay! i am infact from the west :3

  • It said I have a Boston accent with 94% probability? Completely wrong. My parents are from Boston and I know how they and their relatives sound, and I do NOT pronounce things like they do. I probably have some vestiges of it but there is a massive difference in how they talk than "normal"

  • Well, it's 88% certain I'm from the Northeast. I'm actually from south-east Scotland and didn't move to the US until I was 26. Then again, I lived in Virginia for four years, and I've been in Wisconsin for about 15, so maybe my average location by now has reached New York by now.

  • As someone who grew up on the Georgia/Alabama line and who could give Scarlet O'Hara a run for her money when it comes to drawls, this quiz's completely off. Got Midland, then West, even when I took it while doing the worst Alabaman accent I could.

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  • Your Result: The Inland North

    You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

    i am from nc!
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  • I'm thinking that this quiz has an Eastern coast bias...just because I pronounce words the way they are supposed to be pronounced doesn't mean that I am from the Northeaster part of the US...I am an original Californian, living in the SF Bay Area all my life with no Eastern relatives known to me...


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