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  • What Alignment Do You Fall Under?
    Your Result: True Neutral 77%

    You do what sounds like a good idea, even if it doesn't particularly involve you. Many times, you aren't driven by a desire to do good OR evil; you just do anything and everything you want. You can follow your own path without the influence of others. However, your neutrality may cause apathy, indifference, and a lack of self-respect.

    44% Chaotic Neutral
    22% Neutral Good

    Mused Jade
  • Neutral Good 86%

    You do what is good- or right- without being affiliated to a particular cause or bias. You are devoted to helping people, whether you have history with them or not. However, you may limit yourself because of your desires

  • Hehe I got True Neutral, that's pretty accurate actually...

    Nice quiz!


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