Warrior Cats: Travelclan : Warrior result test!

This quiz is ment to help you figure out more about your warrior in Travelclan. NOTE: This is for the prople who took my other Warrior Cats: Travelclan test and got warrior.

This test has 4 results. Strong and loyal, Shy and Kind, Sneeky and Unloyal, or a mix of them all! Here is their order in good or bad form: Good, Good, Bad, Neither!

Created by: Rave098

  1. What comes first?
  2. Nettlestar, clan leader, falls in the river. You...
  3. Fireheart/Jayfeather or Tigerstar/Hawkfrost?
  4. Bloodclan or Travelclan?
  5. Starclan or Darkforest?
  6. j
  7. h
  8. y
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  10. [poiuytrew

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