warrior cat life

hello this quiz will ask qestions and you put what you would do then at the end I will give what you got good luck hope you get a good result. if not that's okay!

if you think I should do more tell me. also I made up most of the charaters. please don't put blah blah blah aint in the books and I know that so you don't have to point it out

Created by: alexis

  1. you smell badger what do you do?
  2. do you follow the scent of badger
  3. do you tell anybody
  4. do you fight the badger
  5. do you investigate the fox trap
  6. what do badgers look like
  7. do you help your clan
  8. are you evil
  9. do you know what fox traps are
  10. should I make more

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