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  • Imagine (story)

    You and your friends are riding the bus home and your friend has no water left, u tell her she can drink from your bottle. You suddenly feel thirsty and grab it from her hand after she is done. The water bottle went SSSSSSSSSS after you chugged every last bit. You thank the driver and hop off the bus with your friend. It was hot so you drank another sip of water. You and your friend are playing outside in the sprinkler and u suddenly feel an urge for the toilet. You tell u friend you will be right back, and run towards the door, she stops you and asks you to watch her do a trick in the water, but you can't focus on her right now because of your major urge for the bathroom. When she's finished you dart through the halls searching for the toilet marking your bladder sting. You open the bathroom door until you hear your mom calling you for dinner. You quickly realize how hungry you are and choose to ignore the fact your practically bursting for a pee. As you sit at the table you feel a drip leaking Down your leg, it wasn't noticeable though because you were already wet from playing outside. you grab your crouch and moan as your mother just served you a big glass of cool lemonade your thirsty so you drink it all. After dinner your friend challenges you to a dance off but your almost to the bathroom and don't won't to end up peeing yourself u say that your not in the mood and run to the bathroom. Your friend stops you halfway and begs to have a dance off. You agree and start dancing, but she was winning so you gave in, it had only made your urge worse, you grab on to your bladder. Your friend asks what's wrong and you respond that your fine. Well in that case your friend turns on your favorite movie, you don't won't to miss the movie so you sit down. Halfway through the movie you are squeezing and squirming. Your friend tells you she has to go to the bathroom and leaves.You leak and splurt and soon enough your peeing and urine is leaking through you

  • I was just taking this quiz for fun, but in the middle of it I actually need to pee and poop. When I was done with the quiz, I pretty much soaked and soiled my diaper to capacity. I wear diapers 24/7 since I prefer peeing and messing myself over having to use the toilet; it is much easier to go right when I feel the signal to, whether in public or in private. In private, I poop and pee my diaper everywhere and anywhere, but in public, I generally just squat and fill my diaper up.

  • I'm am very wet......wetting right now..........I'm wet my bed is wet my house is drenched........... ..............(I'm obsessed with peeing my pants,diaper,bed,sh ower,floor,carpet,H OUSE,any--where ( in public too)


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